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evanlaw on 09 Feb 2007 02:07 pm

My Research

ACTFEL - Alternating Current Thin Film Electroluminescence

Electroluminescence is the phenomenon in which electrical energy is converted to luminous energy without thermal energy generation. Electron interaction with luminescent atoms results in the excitation of the luminescent atom, which subsequently relaxes emitting a photon of light. The thin film structure required to achieve electroluminescence is shown here. The structure simply consists of a bottom electrode layer of aluminum which is reflective to light at about 200nm thick with the phosphor layer of Zinc Sulfide Erbium (ZnS:Er) containing the luminescent atoms on top at about 600nm followed by an insulating transparent layer consisting of aluminum titanium oxide (ATO) then a conducting transparent layer of indium tin oxide (ITO) all below a glass substrate through which the light is emitted. ZnS:Er has strong emissions in the near infrared at 1550nm and in the visible wavelength of 550nm green light.


Electrons enter into the device through the aluminum or ITO conducting layers depending upon the polarity of the alternating current. The following processes are portrayed visually in the figure. 1) Electrons that have sufficient energy due to the high field of the alternating current tunnel through the insulating layer (ATO) and are injected into the phosphor layer (ZnS:Er). 2) Once electrons are in the phosphor layer they experience an electric field causing there acceleration through the device. 3) High energy electrons impact excite luminescent centers causing electrons in the luminescent centers to excite to higher levels which is followed by a relaxation event which results in the creation of a photon of equivalent energy to the difference in electron energy states. 4) The impacting electron continues its path through the device where it is trapped at the other end. 5) Upon the switching of polarity from the imposed alternating current this process occurs in the reverse direction through the device. 6) Photons created in the phosphor layer must pass through the device and all the layers of different material therein in order to escape to air and be seen by the eye. The process of light transversing from one media to another is called optical outcoupling.

Total Internal Reflection

A major limitation to the efficiency of this process is due to the phenomena of total internal reflection. When light crosses from one medium to another of differing refractive index it experiences refraction according to Snell’s law: n1sinθ1 = n2sinθ2. Light going from air at a refractive index of 1 to water at a refractive index of 1.5 bends away from the surface of the water. If we reverse this and have light going from water to air light impinging the interface at an angle shallower then 41.8 degrees or the critical angle will be totally reflected. The refractive index of a material is the difference between the speed of light traveling in a vacuum and the speed of light traveling through the material. This phenomenon occurs in the thin layer stack of materials in an ACTFEL device. The figure shows some light paths in green for reflected and transmitted light. Theoretically only 10 percent of all the light produced escapes the device. Most of the light is totally internally reflected and is guided out the side of the layer that the light is reflected in. These are called guided modes of internal reflection and are in lateral directions. In order to increase light modes or paths that are normal to the surface and actually escape the device and become useful the internal reflection guided modes must be somehow affected in order to transfer to emitted modes. This is accomplished through a photonic crystal structure.

Photonic Crystals

Photonic crystals are used to control the propagation of light. A periodic structure of alternating dielectric (or refractive index) media causes the electric and magnetic field energy of electromagnetic radiation or light to be confined in either the high or low refractive index material. This forced separation of energies causes light propagation to be prohibited in certain directions. A 2 dimensional alternating structure of high and low refractive index material can be constructed to prohibit light from propagating in any direction in the plane of the structure. The structure shown is such a structure and with tuning the dimensions of the spacing between columns and the diameter of the columns specific wavelengths of light can be effected. The rule of thumb is the larger the spacing the larger the wavelengths of light that are effected and vice versa. Extensive information regarding the physics of photonic crystals can be found through a tutorial by MIT’s Steven G. Johnson at Also an excellent book covering this topic is J. D. Joannopoulos, R. D. Meade, and J. N. Winn, Photonic Crystals: Molding the Flow of Light (Princeton Univ. Press, 1995), with a greatly expanded second edition currently in press, for availability in late 2007 or early 2008.

Photonic Crystals in an ACTFEL Device

The basic idea is by putting a photonic crystal structure into the ZnS:Er layer of an ACTFEL device light will be prohibited from lateral propagation forcing that energy to be transferred to light modes that emit from the device as pictorially shown. For my research the goal is to increase the near infrared 1550nm emission from the ZnS:Er, therefore the photonic crystal structure necessary will require a column spacing on the order of 660nm with a diameter of 264nm in order to only effect 1550nm radiation taking into account the refractive index of the ZnS:Er layer is about 2.3 and the refractive index of the silicon oxide used to make the columns is about 1.44. It is important to note that this structure should have no effect to the green 550nm light that is also emitted from ZnS:Er.


This design flow chart describes the basic fabrication process. E-beam lithography is used to achieve nanometer scale features. An e-beam is used to expose in specific locations a photoresist such as polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), once exposed the PMMA is broken apart by the high energy electron beam and is ready for development. A chemical treatment is used to dissolve the exposed PMMA leaving behind the PMMA that has not been exposed. Spin coating is the simple process of dropping a liquid onto a sample and spinning the sample at high rpm typically around 3000 rpm for PMMA to create a uniform layer. ZnS:Er is deposited onto the substrate by a physical vapor deposition process. In a vacuum chamber at 10-6 Torr an argon gas is introduced into a high energy radio frequency field which ionizes the argon and accelerates it at a target consisting of a bulk of the material desired to be deposited. The argon ions cause the target material atoms to be ejected and once ejected they hit the substrate and are deposited creating a uniform layer.

Measurement and Results

Applying an alternating electric current to the ACTFEL device causes the emission of electromagnetic radiation. Quantifying these emissions is accomplished by using an optical bench which is set up to collect the light in a parabolic mirror aimed at a monochromator which splits the light into its component wavelength which is then focused into a detector. This graph shows the data collected from an ACTFEL device with and without the photonic crystal structure. Clearly it is shown that the visible green light emissions at 550nm are equivalent for the two devices while the emission of near infrared light at 1550nm is much greater for the photonic crystal structure device. Clearly the photonic crystal structure increases the near infrared emission.



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